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2K Smart

Wagner 2K Smart

The WAGNER  2K Smart offers an almost unlimited number of options for plural component mixing for use and for the integration of peripheral devices (e.g. robots, conveyors or automated lines). Precise measurement and control technology, as well as redundant monitoring systems guarantee highest process safety. 

  • Simple, flexible and innovative!
  • Optimal mixing ratio via fully automatic AIS dispensing system
  • Stroke sensor for flow measurement without contact. Ideal for abrasive paints.

2K Comfort

Wagner 2k Comfort

The WAGNER 2K COMFORT is a new electronically controlled paint mixing and dosing unit for multi-color applications. The 2K Comfort can process up to 25 colors and four components at the same time to one or multiple spray guns. For a highly efficient coating process, the unit can also be integrated into a field bus system.  This system is easy to use and assures 100% accuracy.

Color change in less than 1 minute

Flush with 90% less solvent 

TwinControl 5-60

Wagner Twincontrol

Electronic 2K Paint Mixing system for Airspray applications. Including flushing pump and fully automatic air-solvent flushing. Optional second "A" compon color can be retrofitted with extension set.

The 5-60 is ideal for low pressure Air-Spray applications using 1 color.  The air-cop feature greatly reduces the solvent used to flush the system as compared to other systems. The system runs on compressed air only, NO electricity is required.  Making it perfect for hazardous areas while being portable. 

TwinControl 28-40

Wagner TwinControl

Electronic 2K Paint Mixing system for AirCoat applications up to 270 bar. Including flushing pump and fully automatic flushing process. Second color can be retrofitted with extension set.

TwinControl 48-110

Wagner TwinControl

Electronic 2K Paint Mixing system for AirCoat and Airless applications up to 370 bar. Including flushing pump and fully automatic flushing. Also suited to higher viscosity Protective Coating products. Optional with second base paint/resin.

TwinControl 72-300

Wagner TwinControl

Electronic 1-paint 2K Paint Mixing systems for heavy corrosion protection. Airless applications up to 530 bar, also for critical high-viscosity material. Single or multiple gun use, including flushing pump.

Wagner 2K Comfort Mixing System

2K Paint Mixing and dosing unit for multi-color applications

Wagner TwinControl Mixing system

Overview of mixing theory of a TwinControl 2K Paint Mixing System

Training and Start Up of Wagner TwinControl

This video provides detailed step by step training on the start up, flushing, loading, and production spraying with the Wagner TwinControl 2k Paint Mixing System.

Let Us Provide Your Next 2K Plural Component Paint Mixing System!

Trouble Shooting Tips for Wagner TwinControl

Trouble Shooting TwinControl Video