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Offering Finishing Systems and Spray Booths for both Liquid Finishing and Powder Coating custom designed for your objectives.

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Finishing Equipment Solutions for:

Liquid Spray Booths and Air Make Up Systems


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Abrasive Blasting and Recovery Systems


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Powder Coating Systems


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Conveyor Systems


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Solvent Recyclers


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Booth Filters and Booth Accessories


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Ultra Sonic Parts Cleaning


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Spray Equipment


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Photo Gallery


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Video Gallery


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Automated Finishing Systems

Panel Finishing - Flatline Reciprocators, Ovens, Conveyors and UV Systems


We offer both new and used flatline finishing systems.  Check out our current used selection for a deal or let us engineer a new system for you! 

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Consumables for Flatline Finishing Sytems


Have Flatline Finishing Systems already?  Need Service? Need Supplies?

We can supply you with consumables including Paper Rolls, Blank Cores, Exhaust Filters, Cabinet Door Racking, Etc..

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Robotic Painting Solutions

Painting Robots, ABB, Fanuc, CMA Robotics.

We offer customized anthropomorphous robotic painting solutions of all types. Our robots have been conceived for the automatic painting and studied for every application sector for wood, plastic, metal, etc. 

Ranging from simple point to point programming modes to robotic self learning and spray to teach modes.  In the direct self-learning programming, the user drives manually, through a joystick, the robot in a complete spraying cycle over a sample. The computer control stores all the paths and commands received; in order to be able later to repeat them faithfully with the desired speed. 

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Automated Lineal Finishing

Lineal Spray Finishing Sytems, Lineal Spray, Molding sprayer, Moulding Sprayer

Lineal Spray Machines designed for spray painting profiles, rods, frames and strips.  Can be used with Water-Based Paints, Stains, Lacquers, Acid Catalyzed Conversion Varnish and Polyurethane Paints.   

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Wet Film Thickness Measurement Systems

Coatmaster Wet Film Paint Thickness Gauge

Industry's most flexible and robust film thickness measurement system.  

Measure cured or uncured coatings on virtually any substrate!

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Supplies and Safety Equipment

Flammable Safety Cabinets

Flammable Safety Cabinets

Built to last a lifetime. Guaranteed.

 our cabinets are built to take decades of industrial use. And with our lifetime warranty, you can buy our cabinets once and use them forever!  


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Spill Containment Pallets and Decks

Spill Containment Pallets

Store and secure your liquids on field-proven Containment products.

The strongest pallets you can buy won't buckle or bow, even under the heaviest loads! Guaranteed for life. 

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Grip Matting for Paint Booths

Pig Grippy Mats

Line paint booths and workbenches with adhesive-backed Grippy Mat to control messy spills and splashes.

Cut paint defects up to 50% when using Grippy Mat in combination with a dust particle control spray.

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Spray Booth Filters


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Spill Kits

Spill Kits

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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Did you know you can lease all of our equipment?

Equipment Leasing is a great way to get your business the equipment you need to grow and meet your production demands without having to outlay your cash or clog up credit lines.  Why wait for the Finishing Systems or Spray Booths your company needs... Apply today! 

You can even lease Used Equipment, Installation, and Freight!

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News, Events, and Trade-shows


Join us at FABTECH in Chicago, Illinois November 11-14th, 2019!

TFS will be at Fabtech in Chicgo November 11-14th.  The largest Metal focused machinery show in the USA for 2019!