Electric IR Curing Ovens

PrimeHeat Halogen IR Curing Technology

Halogen IR Ovens- Available in Portable, Closed Batch and Open Tunnels configurations. 

The Halogen element is the most energy efficient heat source available. It reaches full operating temperature in one second and can be used in any type of drying or forming process. Used in HalCon tunnels, they can operate in both medium wave heat and short wave heat and are also used to generate convection heat. These tunnels use 50% less power to operate then a gas systems and are environmentally friendly with zero carbon emissions. From the manufacturing perspective, they reduce cure times which allows for higher productivity, reduce the amount of floor space needed for better facility utilization, reduce heat in the factory for a much better employee working environment and are safer than any gas system in that the element is sealed and does not need oxygen to operate. 

The HalCon tunnel uses a PLC for all tunnel operations and has the ability to communicate with our optional PowerCarts to operate the heat program best suited for the product the PowerCart is carrying. 

The HalCon tunnel can also be used with new water based UV coatings to speed up the cure process. These UV coatings are green certified, environmentally friendly and offer the highest durability of any coating. 

PrimeHeat IR Tunnel

PrimeHeat IR Tunnel 

Dry your paint in minutes!

Watch how our PrimeHeat HalCon (Halogen IR and Convection)  Ovens force cure paint in minutes

Key Facts:

- Combines Halogen (Short-wave and Medium Wave) and Convection Curing

- Uses 50% Less Power Than Gas System

- Small Factory Footprint

- Converts 95% of Energy into Short Wave Infrared.

- HalCon Tunnel Communicates can with PowerCarts

- Cures parts in 50% less (minimum) time than any Convection oven!

- Works with any solvent to water-based coatings

Curing Adhesives with Halogen Shortwave InfRared

Key Facts:

  • 6,000 Hour Life Expectancy 
  • Full Temp of 4,040 degrees in one second 
  • Cures Product From Inside Out 
  • Converts 95% of Energy into Short Wave Infrared 
  • Rated 1800 Watts at 220 or 480 volts 
  • Safe to Work Around

Electric Halogen vs Gas IR Ovens


Compare Gas Catalytic to out Halogen - You Save!

                   Gas Catalytic IR                               vs                                Halogen

Warm Up:                    20 Mins                                                                              0 Mins

Employee Breaks:     Stays On                                                                                          Off

Part Activation:         Stays On                                                                Sensor Activated

Line Stops:                   Stays On                                                          OFF/ON in 1 second

Wavelength:              2-4 Microns                                               2.6 Microns/ 1.1 Microns

Wave Type:               Medium Wave                                       Medium and Short Wave

Heat Rise:   ~60F - 200F = 20 Minutes.                                      ~60F - 200F = 1 Minute

Controls: % Timer, Pulse +/- 20F.                                  SensorMultiple per zone +/- 2F

Efficiency:  75% Energy Converted                                            92% Energy Converted

Emitter Cost and Life:  $400 - 4 years                                         $120/lamp - 6000HRs

Curing Coatings:  Cures from the surface down      Cures from the Substrate Up.

WB coatings:  Traps water below surface                                   Penetrates coating &

                                                                                                                          Vaporizes Water  

Curing Powder for MDF:   2:30 to 260F                                               1 minute to 260F

Emitter Position: Parallel with Parts.         Parallel or 45 Deg. horizontal or vertical

Interior Walls:  Galvanized Aluminum                            Highly reflective aluminum.

                                                                                             *Reflects all IR rays back to part. 

                                                                                                             *Cool during operation.

Emissions:   Carbon release                                                               Zero carbon release

Learn about Curing Typical Water Based Wood coatings with IR

Check out this great video from Youtube Blogger Eric Reason and his interview with Herb Boekamp owner of PrimeHeat.   

Herb reviews the operation of the ovens, Powercarts and walks you through the typical cure testing of the coatings during the recipe development of the cure profile. 

Woodworking Network Article on PH Batch Oven

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