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CMA ROBOTICS designs, produces and installs the widest robots and painting plants range available in the market today and it supplies complete solutions from planning to the integration. Besides for each anthropomorphous robot or painting plant, CMA Robotics manages, along with the customer, the whole integration painting system phase into the final plant. 

It assures advanced technology: human skills and automatic operation. Thanks to the self-learning programming, the control computer stores the user's movements and it repeat them at the desired speed.

Moreover, the following programming are used for different uses: point to point, self-generating through sophisticated artificial vision systems, OFF LINE plus various software for other varnishing application. 

A wide range, twenty-year experience, professionalism, full service, total reliability and high level technology: these are the distinctive features that make CMA Robotics the reference company in the robots and painting plants field.

CMA Robotics, ABB Robot, Fanuc Robotic Painting, Painting Robot,

CMA Robotics, ABB Robot, Fanuc Robotic Painting, Painting Robot, 

Introduction to CMA Robotics Video

Learn about our robotic automation Partner  CMA Robotics 

3D Scanning of Parts for Automatic programing.

3D Scanning available for both vertical and horizontal configurations 

Scanning and Spraying on a PAPER-BELT System

Video showing our scanning technology

3D Scanning on a paper belt flatline

Perfect for applications where you need perfect edge coverage! 

Video of our Self Teaching Robot Programming

Self Teaching Robot 

Scan, Paint, Rack, Dry all Robotically

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