Interior of a AFC Crossdraft Spray Booth

Crossflow Booths

The Custom Aire DELUXE Crossflo spray booth has been designed by AFC to meet the need for a quality booth which will provide the best possible trade-offs in price and performance.

The DELUXE Crossflo paint booth does not require a pit or basement which results in a more economical installation. In addition, there are no side exhaust ducts, which gives a large work area inside the booth without excessive loss of floor space around the spray booth.

The DELUXE Crossflo spray booth introduces fresh filtered air evenly from end to end of the booth. The air flows smoothly along the sides of the vehicle, work piece, or part and then is drawn away toward the opposite end of the booth. It then passes through the exhaust arrestors where the overspray is trapped and the air exhausted and dispersed.

The DELUXE Crossflo paint booths are available in three configurations. The STANDARD configuration has the intake filters located in the doors and the exhaust arrestors at the rear of the booth. The REVERSED configuration shown above has the intake filters at the rear of the booth and the exhaust arrestors to the sides of the drive-in doors. The DRIVE-THRU configuration has the exhaust arrestors to the sides of the solid doors on one end and the intake filters in the doors at the other end.

AFC has been producing superior spray booths for over 30 years. AFC carries a complete line of standard booths to supply any need and budget. In addition to utilizing the latest in materials and technology along with computer-aided design, AFC is able to produce custom booths to meet any requirement.

For increased thru-put, and also for use with newer spray paints and coatings, the custom aire deluxe crossflo spray booth is designed to be used with AFC heat systems. These systems have proven track records for reliability and efficiency on AFC booths. They are weatherproof so they can be mounted on either the roof of the booth or on the roof of the building, depending on individual needs and preferences.

Note: All of our paint spray booths are California Compliant and Permit acquisition  services are available. 

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Product Information and Cut Sheets for Paint Booths

Deluxe Crossflo (pdf)


ASLC - Economy CrossFlo (pdf)


Drawing of our Crossflow Booth ECFASA2412 (pdf)


Drawing of our ASLC - Economy CrossFlo Booth ASLC2412 (pdf)


Product Information and Cut Sheets

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