Overhead and Floor Mounted Conveyor Types

Manual Push-Pull Type Conveyors

Pacline Conveyor in Paint Booth

A Manual Push-Pull type Conveyor is the simplest and least expensive type.  This allows the painter to easily hang and rotate the part to be painted and then easily move the part out of the booth for batch drying or other processes.  

It is easy to grow and expand this type of system.  You can add sections of track, floor stands, trolleys and indexing hooks at any time.  

Powered Chain Drive Type Conveyors

Enclosed Track 3" Conveyor on Powder Coating Line

Powered Conveyors are typically Enclosed Track or I-Beam Type Systems that are engineered for a continuous painting process.  Typically parts are loaded at a load station sent to wash, dry, paint, cure, any ancillary processes, and then to unload.  These system can be supported from floor mounted stands or with proper engineering the building roof. 

I-Beam Type Conveyors

IBeam Conveyor

Since the time of the first automobile, I-Beam Overhead Conveyors have brought increased efficiency to production lines.

Using this proven design, We have developed the I-Beam Conveyor with improved components for low cost conveying in a wide range of applications.  Our I-Beam overhead monorail conveyors are proven to provide the lowest “cost per lb. of capacity” of all overhead conveyors.

 3″, 4″ and 6″ I-Beam monorail conveyors are amongst the most commonly used overhead conveyors in the industry.

Enclosed Track Overhead Type Conveyors

3" Enclosed Track Conveyor on a Powder Coating Line

The Unibilt® Enclosed Square Track Conveyors are well suited for medium duty conveyor applications such as paint lines, assembly lines and parts storage. They increase productivity by making use of available overhead space and improving material flow.

The enclosed style track helps prevent contamination of the track interior and chain. The inverted style can also help keep dust, grease and other debris away from your product and work area, which is especially important on paint lines requiring a cleaner environment.

The Unibilt® Enclosed Track Conveyors are designed to handle 75 lbs. (34 kg) per pendant and can withstand temperatures up to 450°F with proper lubrication. Horizontal curves come in 24” (standard), 36”, 48” and vertical curves 24” (standard) and 36”. 

Enclosed Track Inverted Floor-Track Type Conveyors

Inverted Track Conveyor for Wheel Painting

Inverted Floor Type Conveyors are available in both monorail and power and free configurations.  Inverted Tracks offer features similar to overhead power and free conveyors with the added benefit of greater accessibility to your parts. 

If hanging parts will hinder your personnel or robotic operations, then this type of conveyor is an excellent alternative to support painting and other mechanized coating processes. Whether your load requirements are for small parts, or larger parts weighing thousands of pounds, we offer a variety of carrier routing options for mechanized systems incorporating multiple decision points.

Power and Free Type Conveyors

Enclosed Track Conveyor

Power and Free Overhead Conveyors are best suited for finishing lines where parts need to be directed to multiple spray booths, or where gathering parts in ovens and other enclosures is most beneficial. 

Multiple tracks give operators the flexibility to manage products transported through the system.

These systems are extremely capable for challenging finishing processes that require a high degree of flexibility. Among other features, most designs provide the ability to stop individual loads without impeding the entire production line. Both types – inverted and overhead power & free conveyors – are designed to give you increased productivity and complete control over your process. To increase your production capacity where overhead space is limited, power and free systems offer a broad range of features, including variable chain speeds, high-speed indexing, adaptability to changes in elevation, side-by-side track configurations to improve product transportation, and can accommodate load capacities up to 20,000 pounds.

Overhead Conveyor System Basics

Video of Side by Side Enclosed Track Conveyor

This video shows a power rail next to a free rail.  The part is hung on the free rail.  When the painter is done painting the part he manually pushes it outside of the booth.  The hook on the power rail picks up the part and then carries it to the next station.  

Alternative to Chain-on-Edge Conveyors

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