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2016 Cefla Mito-k Paperbelt

LIKE NEW! Still has the original roll of paper on it.

2016 Cefla Mito Paperbelt spray machine.  The system includes a 2.5 meter in-feed and 2.5 Meter outfeed table. 

Spray Equipment is included with this system consisting of:

(2) Kremlin 20-50 Pumps

(8) Kremlin automatic AVX Airmix Sprayguns.  

This system still has the original roll of paper on it, so it has barely been used

Offered at - $ Price Coming soon!

2006 Cefla Roctre (Roc3)

Two arm oscillating spray machine.  ROCTRE is the high-productivity two-arm oscillating spray machine ideal for matt and gloss finishes. Roctre is also able to apply large quantities of paint.

ROCTRE has been developed to deliver the highest performances in terms of quality and productivity. It can provide the basis for complex systems, especially to meet high-volume production needs.

Roctre features a reading barrier for precision scanning of the shape of incoming workpieces, optimising spraying trajectories and paint consumption.

Roctre is equipped with two spraying arms. 

In the dry filter configuration, overspray is sucked through two-stage filters with a large surface area, with easy dismantling and access for simpler maintenance.

Roctre is equipped with a patented "Airsphere" air diffusion Plenum, an innovative method for controlling the air flow inside the machine for maximised spraying quality and higher transfer-efficiency.

Roctre features a carbon fibre belt (CFB) conveyor system, which guarantees optimal paint recovery, quick cleaning and maintenance, and no overspray on the underside of the panel. The carriage is equipped with a patented high-precision automatic belt centring system. The conveyor system allows independent speed adjustment, allowing perfect synchronisation between feed and exit belts.

Paint is recovered by a patented system with a counter-turning roller, while the rest of the system ensures perfect belt cleaning. Solvent consumption and cleaning times are minimised.



This machine has had very little use and is in great condition.

Your Cost $145,000.00 

2005 Cefla UnoSpray model.  The last generation reclaiming system (4 rolls like the Easy instead of 2 rolls/2 scrapers). 

4 Gun Single Reciprocating Arm System.  

Belt Reclaim System for Recovery of material 

Machine has been fully disassembled, repainted and reassembled, Cleaning hood with rotary air knives on infeed conveyor, 2 new paint circuits, 4 Wagner GA spray guns refurbished by Wagner, 1 Kremlin High pressure pump fully refurbished. Machine is ready to be delivered from Italy. 

Your cost $85,000.00 FOB any Port of Entry USA. 

Asking $100,000 Per System. (2 Available)

2007 Sorbini Model SmartEdge 01/BV/6000 

  • Purpose
  • Machine is designed for automatic one (1) edge processing of 90º flat components to: abrasive brush raw and sealed substrate, blow-off dust, apply by roller and cure clear Ultra Violet material.
  • Process repeated as necessary for multiple workpiece edge processing.
  • Utilizing the vertical roller method of coating application, this machine is capable of coating a square vertical panel edge. The application roller will not finish profiles and/or top and bottom panel surfaces.

Machine Features

  • Infeed panel support table and reference alignment fence assist in the manual loading process.
  • A multipurpose computer system is integrated with the machine to:
  • set and monitor inverter controlled variable speed conveyor drive
  • control on/off switching of Ultra Violet lamps
  • provide diagnostics of machine operations
  • display machine functions including position of upper pressure beam and conveying feed speed
  • Heavy duty conveying feed track powered by servo-motor; adjustable conveying feed speed controlled by inverter from control board.
  • Feed track constructed of high quality steel chain links, heat treated and ground steel. Pivot points have needle bearings for maximum life and reduced maintenance.
  • Track pads made of thermoplastic resin materials provide high resistance to U.V. radiation and maximum wear resistance.
  • Conveying chain supported by low friction plastic guides in lower beam.

Machine Configuration

  • Position 1 Disc sanding and brushing unit model UM 2 
  • Position 2 Air pressure blower
  • Position 3 Roller application unit by vertical roller coater model UR 
  • Position 4 UV oven with one lamp 250 mm long model UFM1/250 
  • Position 5 UV oven with one lamp 250 mm long model UFM1/250 
  • Position 6 Disc sanding and brushing unit model UM 2
  • Position 7 Roller application unit by vertical roller coater model UR 
  • Position 8 UV oven with one lamp 250 mm long model UFM1/250

Single Side Track System

  • chain conveyor with rubber track pads, 75 mm size
  • pressure rollers and adjustable support bar with wheels
  • electric vertical positioning of upper pressure beam
  • variable speed conveyor drive
  • conveying speed range; 5-20 m/min (16.4 to 65.0 fpm)

2 Identical Systems Available 

SOLD. Another Kleenspray may be available soon. Please inquire!

System Stats

Line Speed: 0-10 FPM

Year - 2008

Hours - 8000

Condition: Great.  Guns have always been covered as you can see in the pictures.  

2009 Cefla iBotic spraying

2009 Cefla iBotic System - SOLD! Another IBotic maybe available soon. Please inquire.

iBotic is the high-capacity Cartesian spraying robot providing ultra-high finishing quality – on both the faces and edges of workpieces.  What makes iBotic so special is that it can work simultaneously on pieces of different shape and thickness, with the conveyor either at standstill or on the move, in tracking mode. 

The reading barrier, available in 2D version with 512 photodiodes and latest-generation 3D C-Vision version, ensures high-definition workpiece shape, size and position acquisition, enabling the control software to plot the best spraying trajectories.

The duel 5 arm travel axes are what make this robot different from a normal sprayer: all axes are electronically controlled. 

    iBotic is equipped with carbon fiber conveyor belt (CFB).  The CFB configuration is ideal for guaranteeing paint recovery (thanks to the recovery and cleaning carriage), minimal solvent consumption and shorter maintenance times.

This iBotic is equipped with an easily maintained and replaced two-stage paper filter.  It also features a multiple output Plenum and fans to control the ventilation flows in the spraying zone. 

For iBotic, Cefla Finishing has developed exclusive, state-of-the-art software able to decide and control all robot movements, from the simplest sequence of operations to the most sophisticated processing. This special control software allows user-friendly setting of all parameters.


  • Different working lengths
  • Works as both a 5 axis robot spray machine and reciprocating spray machine

Why Buy Used Equipment

Do you know about section 179? Save money on your taxes by purchasing equipment!

Do you know about section 179? Save money on your taxes by purchasing equipment!

Do you know about section 179? Save money on your taxes by purchasing equipment!

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Why Buy Used Equipment?

Do you know about section 179? Save money on your taxes by purchasing equipment!

Do you know about section 179? Save money on your taxes by purchasing equipment!

Used Cefla, Superfici, Makor, Stiles Machinery, Stanza Machine, Flatline Finishing. Cefla Finishing

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