Convection Cure Ovens

Process and Batch Cure Ovens

We supply batch ovens and process ovens for continuous painting operations.  

The final step in the paint process is curing. The cure oven raises the product mass and coated material to a specified temperature and holds this temperature for a set time. 

A convection oven has five major components.

Oven Enclosure (shell) contains the environment necessary for the curing process, including a support structure; burner box, insulated panels (enclosure); Personnel access doors and product openings/air seals.

The oven support system should be designed to carry the enclosure weight and the product conveying system. Structural steel must be connected with slotted hole connections to allow for expansion.

Insulated Panels (enclosure) contains the heat of the process. Panels 30 to 33 inches wide with fiber insulation (one inch of four-lb density insulation for every 100F) sandwiched between aluminized metal skins are used. The assembled panels are tongue-and-groove for easy installation. The outer skins are connected with formed metal channels. These channels form a through-metal condition, allowing significant heat loss at the joint.

Personnel access must be provided. The door and hardware must seal the opening without using a positive latching device. Any panic hardware with positive latching features must allow the door to be opened from the inside. Locate access doors so that an exit is never more than 25 ft away. Oven doors with windows are easier to locate.

Heater unit/Burner Box.  The heater generates the energy for curing and begins the distribution of energy. The most significant components of the heater are the burner, supply fan and filters.

To properly size heater equipment, a detailed heat load must be calculated. Energy losses for the ware load, conveyor load, enclosure and exhaust requirements must be considered. These losses, expressed in Btu's/hr, are used for selecting the burner and corresponding electrical devices necessary for burner control. The burner is most often a direct-flame device that provides the energy for curing.

Oven for Curing Paint on Flat Panels, Flatline Oven

Oven for Curing Paint on Flat Panels, Flatline Oven 


AFC Powder Cure Ovens and Batch Systems (pdf)


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