Powder Coating Systems and Equipment

Pretreatment & Washers

Pretreatment & Washers

Pretreatment & Washers

5 Stage Washer, Industrial Washer, Pre-Treatment Washer, 3 Stage Washer

A pretreatment product we frequently recommend is the recirculating spray washer with continuous overhead conveyor. Due to its efficiency, this type of washer is widely used and offers one of the best options for high volume production cleaning. 

Alternatively, when cleaning parts that cannot be suspended from overhead, We offer a recirculating spray washer with continuous mesh belt conveyor. In contrast to the continuous overhead solution, with the mesh belt conveyor, parts ride on the surface of the belt instead.

Dry-Off Ovens

Pretreatment & Washers

Pretreatment & Washers

Powder Coating Dry Off Oven

We offer a variety of high performance drying ovens with a range of cabinet sizes and temperature capabilities. Ovens are typically used for water dry-off prior to powder coating, or flash-off for liquid coating processes and for preheating parts. Built with aluminized steel interiors for prolonged life, we pay close attention to ventilation system design so moisture is completely exhausted from the oven.

Powder Coating Booths

Pretreatment & Washers

Powder Coating Booths

Cartridge Reclaim Powder Booth

When your production requires uninteruppeted continuous production we offer a cross draft tunnel style spray enclosure.  

Depending on your needs we can equip the booth with manual or automatic powder guns arrays. Optionally we can also provide powder reclaim for maximum efficiency.   


Cure Ovens

Application Equipment

Powder Coating Booths

Powder Cure Oven, Industrial Oven, Convection Cure Oven

Designed to deliver close set-point tolerances and precise temperature control, our ovens deliver fast ramp-up and cool-down rates providing consistent curing for all types of product loads. Uniform airflow offers short, dependable cycle times to assure suitable curing across the entire load. Ovens are exhausted to successfully remove VOCs produced during curing processes guaranteeing a safe environment.


  • Programmable controls
  • Custom material handling systems (engineered conveyance capabilities)
  • Elevated platforms
  • Clean air filtration for Class A finishes
  • Stainless steel construction


Application Equipment

Application Equipment

3" Enclosed Track Conveyor, Pacline, Jarvis Webb, Richard Wilcox, Overhead Conveyor, Power and Free

Enclosed Track Conveyors feature modular components offering fast, hassle-free installations or modifications. 


With years of demonstrated reliability, I-beam monorail conveyor systems combine design flexibility with the ability to handle heavy-duty load capacities. 

Inverted Track and Power and Free Conveyors offer features similar to overhead power and free conveyors with the added benefit of greater accessibility to your parts. If hanging parts will hinder your personnel or robotic operations, then this type of conveyor is an excellent alternative to support painting and other mechanized coating processes.

Application Equipment

Application Equipment

Application Equipment

Wagner Powder Coating

We offer powder application equipment from all of the major manufactures.  We can change colors quickly, reclaim, and penetrate the hardest faraday areas. 

Manual Powder Coating Application Equipment

Spare Parts and Application Equipment

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Walk around one of our Powder Coating Systems

Wagner C-Line

The C-Line system is a compact powder coating system designed to apply full coverage of powder with its 360° 3D axis system.

Wagner E-Line

The WAGNER E-Line application solution offers the best quality and combines all WAGNER components in one economic powder coating system.

Let us Provide your next Powder Coating System!

We would be happy to provide you a customized quote for our Engineering Services, Liquid Spray Booths, Abrasive Blast Booths, Powder Coating Booths, Heated or Non-Heated Air Make-Ups, Permitting Pervices,  Engineering, and Turnkey Installation Services. 

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