Robotic Door Painting


Painting a metal door with a ABB Robot

Water Based ElectroStatic Painting Systems

Water Based ElectroStatic Painting Systems.  Save up 50% of the Paint and 50% Labor!  


Power Cart Door Painting

Painting Doors on Power Carts.  The self contained Class 1 Div 1. rated carts operate on 12V gel batteries that charge while in the oven during the cure process.  The 1/2" ABS track can be placed anywhere on a concrete surface.  The track can be run over by forklift and cart/foot traffic.  Using track switches we can divert carts to several different processes allowing each part loaded to have a completely separate recipe and finishing schedule 


Complete Powder System

3 Stage Wash, Dry Off Oven, Cartridge Style Powder booth, Dry Off Oven, Cool Down, Unload/Load. 

Comparison of VD Simple Vs all other Spray Machines

Comparison of VD simple spraying (large background) vs all competitive spray models (smaller foreground). 

Check out our edges!

The VD Finising Systems "Simple" Spray machine by far has the most even edge coverage on the market today!  Look at those fat edges on thick parts!

Robotic Parts Handeling

Video shows load, flip, and unload to racking all using a robot. 

Clear, Pigmented, and Stain Pumping System for a Flatline

The System supplies clear lacquer, pigmented lacquer, and spray stain to a Flatline Finishing system.  We are able to change colors in less than 1 minute.

Painting Steel Security Door

PrimeHeats lab painting with WB Primer 

Lifting Solutions

Great video showcasing our lifting solutions to load and unload your parts!

Portable IR Cure Oven for Lab use and Samples

This portable IR oven is perfect for quickly curing lab samples.  Cures most stains in under 1 minute.  Waterbased Finishes typically cure in 5 minutes.  Lacquers and Conversion Varnishes cure to sand or ship in 6-9 minutes typically. 

Exterior Siding Pre-Finishing Paint Line

This video shows a line we engineered and installed for pre-finishing cement fiber board.  

Scan and Paint Robot with Drying and Racking Solutions

Check out this great video

Coatmaster Overview

An overview of the coatmaster, the world's most versatile non-contact coating thickness measurement device for measuring cured or uncured coatings.  

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