Lineal Spray Finishing System

Renzo Borgonovo Spray Machine

Automatic Spray Machine for Lineal's

Our Partner Renzo Borgonovo Srl provides spraying machines that have been designed for the automated spray painting of profiles, mouldings, rods, picture frames, strips, and parquet flooring. The machine can be used with a wide variety of products, such as-base paints, stains, nitrocellulose lacquers, polyurethane paints, paints containing pigments, acrylic paints, matt and gloss paints. 

The machine main body consists of four collection basins which can be equipped with up to two spray guns each, for a total maximum of eight spray guns serving the entire spraying machine. The basins are situated on an extractable carriage which serves as collector for the over-spray.  Overspray is collected via gravity in to a simple can or pail in the bottom part of the machine. This over-spray can be thus collected and re-used. 

The machine is operated from a central control panel with PLC which automatically controls spray-gun opening and closing in relation to the length of each work-piece and the current feed-speed, thereby ensuring large paint savings.  Operation and adjustments are independent for each spray-gun. The work-pieces are fed on solvent-resistant conveyor belts, which are operated by a toothed belt driven by a mechanical gear-motor with inverter. The suction system consists of a box, filters and an electric fan. The high performance of this system provides good protection against pollution for the operator and the whole work area. Finally, the sprayed product is fed to the spray-guns by means of a diaphragm pump. Other feed systems can also be adopted: under pressure, airmix and airless. These Standard model’s versions are designed for non-reagent painting products, and for work- pieces with minimum length of 800 mm. and maximum width of 300 mm.

Video of Our Lineal Spray Machine with Inline Sanding

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