Giardina Finishing Group

Giardina Finishing Group

The production unit is located in Italy in Figino Serenza , a few kilometers north of Milan. Always oriented towards international markets , Giardina Finishing exports all over the world.

Giardina Finishing Group

Giardina Finishing , a leader in the design, development and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for coating , is mainly engaged in the coating of wood, glass , plastic, metal.  

The production range includes complete finishing lines by roller and curtain coating, spraying, automated and robotic systems with hot-air drying , UV or microwave , overhead lines for windows or three-dimensional pieces, spray booths and special plants.   

Flatline Systems from Giardina Finishing

Brushing Machines

Giardina Dual Brushing Machine

Curtain Coaters

Giardina Dual Curtain Coater

Roll Coaters

Giardina Roll Coater

Spray Machines

Giardina Dual Tech 501 Flatline Spray Machine

Drying Ovens

Giardina Dryoff Cure Oven

Specialty Spray Booths

Giardina Spray Booth

Giardina General Catalogue

Giardina Finishing Group General Catalogue (pdf)


Giradina Flatline Spray Finishing Sysyems

Giardina Dual Tech 501 Flatline Spray Machine

Spray Coating Machines

Based on specific customer requirements, Giardina Group can offer spray application machines of every variety.  Our offerings in this sector include reciprocators for both flat line and vertical applications, rotary spray machines (primarily for stain application), robots of both Cartesian and Anamorphic design, for flat line and vertical applications.  We also offer a full line of dedicated linear spray machines.  All Giardina Group spray application platforms are available in varying size, working width, and operational speeds. Many of our spray machines can be supplied in both a paper belt version for low maintenance and quick changeover times, or in the synthetic belt version with the classic and reliable Giardina product recovery and belt cleaning system which offers extremely high coating recovery. When equipped with the optional Dualfast quick-change system, the operator can change color in seconds and start spraying a new material without concern for cross contamination or wasting precious time cleaning the guns in the machine.

Lineal Spray Machine for Moldings

Spraying machine for moldings with optional oven and automatic stacking. 

Lineal Spray Machine Catlaogue

Giardina Group Lineal Spray Machine Catologue (pdf)


UV Roll Coating

Precision roller coater with reverse dosing roller type

5 Axis Robotic Finishing

Giardina automatic painting line for caskets with 5 Axis Robotic finishing system.

finishing system with Stacker oven

The line includes: a loading belt conveyor ("BT 6000"), a brushing machine ("G02/23"), the automatic spraying machine "Dualtech 501 Dry" with quick color change system, a profiled belt conveyor for quality control ("BT 6500"), a vertical oven with 34 belts, a Jet air tunnel ("GPJET8") for water-based products, a UV tunnel ("GST 1501/2 3D") for drying both the surface and the edges and finally a Jet air cooling tunnel for the supports painted with thermoplastic water-based products. The plant als

Giardina Spray Machine Catolugue

Giardina DUALTECH 415 Spray Machine Catalogue (pdf)


UV Spray Line

Giardina spray machine, vertical dryer, laminar air flow and UV dryer

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