Automated Flatline Finishing Systems - New and Used

New Flatline Finishing Systems

VD Finishing Systems, Cefla Finishing, Giardina Finishing, Superfici, Makor, Dubois.

Need to finish fast?  Let our engineers custom design you a  finishing system tailored to load, blow-off dust, spray, flash, cure or UV cure, and unload.

We represent Giardina Finishing and VD Systems for new flatline finishing systems.  We design and manufacture tailored and "turnkey" systems for the wood market and today we are in the forefront also in the field of glass, plastic, fiber cement, composite materials and metal.  

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Used Flatline Finishing Systems

Cefla Finishing, Venjakob, Makor, Diemco, Dubios Equipment, Cattinair, Superficci America, Stiles.

Find a deal on a Used Flatline Finishing System.  Theses systems are used but not used up.  Score a deal and make some money automating your finishing!

We have used systems available from manufactures such as Cefla Finishing, Superfici, Venjakob, Makor Finishing, Dubois, Burkle and more.  

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Kraft Paper for Cefla, Makor, Superfici, and all other Flatline machines.

Get a quote on all of the consumables needed for your existing flatline.  We provide kraft paper, blank cores, various types of filters, racking, and spray equipment.

We offer consumables and service for all brands including Cefla, Makor, Superfici, Giardina, VD Finishing, Venjakob, Dubois, Burkle and more!

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